about me

The passion for the unique mix of technology, artistic work and "rock 'n' roll" that only exists in event technology developed already when I was in school. After graduating from high school in 1998, I started in the first ever class in Baden-W├╝rttemberg and have remained loyal to the industry to this day.
I was able to expand my knowledge and experience through numerous advanced training courses in lighting and projection technology and the successful completion of a master's degree in event technology with the fields of lighting and stage / studio in 2018 and 2019. But these are only the officially recognized degrees, in real life the experience of learning-by-doing constitutes the real wealth of knowledge. No event, no project where you haven't learned something and will continue to learn.
So I slowly moved from the "simple" technician over time to the responsible planner, operator and master on a production. For some years now, the creation of lighting concepts and the implementation of these on site on the one hand, and the safety-related support of productions as the person responsible for event technology on the other hand have been the main contents of my work. A list of my services and a very shortened reference list can be found in the menu.
Photography is a completely different mixture of art and technology. I started as a hobby in the analogue age as a teenager. After a few years of interruption, I rediscovered this genre for myself with my first digital camera. In the meantime, the camera often accompanies me on productions, so that my job and hobby are sometimes intertwined. The pictures from shows are often spectacular. Quieter, but often no less exciting, are the landscape images from the immediate vicinity of my hometown Stuttgart, as well as from the travel destinations of recent years. Another attractive branch of photography are people, whether as portraits or street photography. I would like to expand this further in the future.